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Randonneuring, Ultra-Distance Cycling, Touring ... and Life in General

Hello and Welcome!
My site contains stories, articles, and links about randonneuring, ultra-distance cycling, and cycle-touring. As well, in my About Me section, I have included my portfolio - my resume and the educational projects I worked on as I pursued my Bachelor of Education degree.

Enjoy browsing through my site!

Travel Collection

Canada Flag Australia Flag
2012 - Round The World
After discussing, saving, and preparing, we have decided to set off on an 8-month Round The World Tour. Our itinerary covers Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Europe, Uruguay, Chile, USA, and Canada.

Round The World Tour Photos

At The Top Of The Final Climb

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2011/2012 - 7 Peaks Alpine Ascent Challenge
We decided to take on a new challenge this year ... a climbing challenge! The 7 Peaks Alpine Ascent Challenge is a cycling challenge organised by Tourism Victoria, and promoted by Simon Gerrands (local cyclist and winner of the 2012 Tour Down Under), to encourage cyclists and other tourists to visit 7 alpine areas of Victoria.

7 Peaks Alpine Ascent Challenge Photos

Machka & Rowan's Wedding

Canada Flag Australia Flag
2008 - Charlene & Rowan's Wedding Story
Our story ... from the day we met on August 22, 2003 ... to the day we got married on August 24, 2008 ... and beyond.

August 24, 2008 Wedding Photos

Eiffel Tower in the distance

France Flag
2007 - Paris-Brest-Paris 1200K Randonnee and European Tour
The Paris-Brest-Paris, the oldest and most famous randonnee, is held every four years in France, and 2007 is a PBP year!

August 20th to 24th, 2007

Europe Tour 2007 Photos

Charlene and Rowan finish the race

USA Flag
2006 - UMCA 24-Hour Time Trial
'Have you ever done a ride where you felt completely and totally elated and energized ... where you felt strong ... where you felt like you could ride harder and faster than ever before?'

The 2006 UMCA 24-hour Championship was held near Port Byron, Illinois on September 2 amid rolling hills and cornfields.

Charlene changes flat tire

USA Flag
2005 - Last Chance 1200K Randonnee
'I wanted to make it to the town of Last Chance, since the ride is called the Last Chance. I felt that if I could at least make it that far, I would have done a century and would have seen the place the ride is named after.'

The Last Chance 1200K Randonnee is held in Colorado and Kansas, just about every year. I rode it in September 2005.

Last Chance Photos

Charlene at Twelve Apostles along Great Ocean Road

Australia Flag
2004 - Great Southern Randonee 1200K
'I was the only female to ever attempt the ride in the three years it has been run. If I finished, I would be the first female finisher . . . just to add a bit of pressure to an already stressful ride.'

The Great Southern Randonnee is held in Australia along the Great Ocean Road.

Great Southern Randonnee Photos

Charlene cycling toward Dauphin, Manitoba

Canada Flag
2004 - Manitoba Randonneurs 1000K
Most provinces in Canada hold a 1000K randonnee every year, and Manitoba is no exception.

'At 6:00 am on Friday, August 6th, three riders set off with a beautiful red sunrise lighting up the sky ... uh oh - red skies in the morning!'

Manitoba 1000K Photos

Charlene at 333 km point of PBP

France Flag
2003 - Paris-Brest_Paris 1200K Randonnee
'Every time we came to a populated area there were decorations everywhere mostly bicycles decked out with lights, flowers, etc. Later there were words of encouragement written on the pavement. These things boosted my spirits. Not only was the support from the people who lived in the area great, but every time I saw these things, I knew I was still on the right route. Riding as close to the time limits as I was, I couldn't afford a single extra kilometre.'

The Paris-Brest-Paris, oldest and most famous randonnee, is held every four years in France.

2003 PBP Photos

Charlene cycles in the mountains

Canada Flag
2002 - Rocky Mountain 1200K
'The sun began to rise displaying beautiful mountain scenery . . . and on the side of the road, almost within arm's reach, a large black bear!'

The Rocky Mountain 1200 is held in the mountains of western Canada, and was my first 1200K randonnee.

Rocky Mountain 1200 Photos



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